A therapist and writer in pursuit of stories, healing, and the excavation of hope.

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“The messages of pain and hope we share with the world are ones we have learned to wrestle with and live out.”

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The Wait is Over

Seasons of Waiting is a touchstone for those who find themselves in a moment—a season—where things aren’t the way they thought or hoped they would be.

The experience of waiting is a universal phenomenon that has an uncanny way of unearthing thoughts, feelings, and reactions in us. It exposes what we believe, challenges our patience, refines our character, and confronts where we’ve placed our hope.

It can also leave us with painful questions: Where is God? Will this ever change? Has God forgotten me?

This book prompts you to consider both the expansive questions and transcendent truths that come when we make room for God to speak. It is an invitation to slow our hurried pace and experience what God is calling us to notice and receive in every season of waiting.

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