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Meet Barb

Barb Hill is a writer and Licensed Mental Health Therapist whose life journey has been full of twists, turns, and detours—invaluable lessons and teaching moments that have shaped her passion for supporting others in both their navigation of faith and mental health. 

Before pursuing her counseling career, Barb worked in the corporate sector, as a missionary in Zambia, as an esthetician, in addition to interning for the A21 Campaign—all before she began her work as a therapist.

In 2014, Barb started publishing a monthly blog as a way to process the impact of each experience as she went from one adventure to another. Soon after, she began contributing to revered publications such as Relevant Magazine, Propel Women, and Grit and Virtue.

As Barb’s journey as a writer has progressed, she’s developed her own philosophy about writing:

It is a powerful means to bridge the distance between the head and the heart, and explore our thoughts and feelings as we move through life.